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Commonsense Reasoning

Commonsense Reasoning ~ Proceedings


Kira Adaricheva, Robert Sloan, Balazs Szorenyi and Gyorgy Turan. "Horn Belief Contraction: Remainders, Envelopes and Complexity."

Erdi Aker, Ahmetcan Erdogan, Esra Erdem and Volkan Patoglu. "Housekeeping with Multiple Autonomous Robots: Representation, Reasoning and Execution."

Michael Bartholomew, Joohyung Lee and Yunsong Meng. "First-Order Extension of the FLP Semantics."

Brandon Bennett. "Possible Worlds and Possible Meanings: a semantics for the interpretation of vague languages."

Pedro Cabalar. "Logic Programs and Causal Proofs."

Luis Fariñas del Cerro and Andreas Herzig. "On the concept of contingency."

Stefania Costantini and Andrea Formisano. "Augmenting weight constraints with complex preferences."

Barbara Dunin-Kęplicz, Alina Strachocka and Rineke Verbrugge. "Modeling deliberation in teamwork."

Andrew Gordon and Jerry Hobbs. "A Commonsense Theory of Mind-Body Interaction."

Thorsten Hahmann and Michael Gruninger. "A naive theory of dimension for qualitative spatial relations."

Hannaneh Hajishirzi and Eyal Amir. "Reasoning about Robocup-Soccer Narratives."

Hannaneh Hajishirzi, Erik Mueller and Eyal Amir. "Symbolic Probabilistic Reasoning for Narratives.".

Jerry Hobbs and Alicia Sagae. "Toward a Commonsense Theory of Microsociology: Interpersonal Relationships."

Steffen Hölldobler, Tobias Philipp and Christoph Wernhard. "Abduction in Human Reasoning."

Daniela Inclezan and Michael Gelfond. "Representing Biological Processes in Modular Action Language ALM."

Benjamin Johnston. "An intuitive interface for crowd-sourcing spatial models of commonsense."

Hans-Ulrich Krieger. "A Temporal Extension of Hayes-/ter Horst-Style Entailment Rules."

Hans-Ulrich Krieger and Geert-Jan Kruijff. "Combining Uncertainty and Description Logic Rule-Based Reasoning in Situation-Aware Robots."

Gerhard Lakemeyer, Keynote Address, "Towards Integrated Self-Maintenance in Domestic Robots" (Abstract)

Joohyung Lee and Ravi Palla. "Integrating Rules and Ontologies in the First-Order Stable Model Semantics (Preliminary Report)."

Hector Levesque. "The Winograd Schema Challenge."

Fangzhen Lin. "On Moving Objects in Dynamic Domains."

Fangzhen Lin and Mikhail Soutchanski. "Causal Theories of Actions Revisited."

Claudio Masolo, Laure Vieu, Yoshinobu Kitamura, Kouji Kozaki and Riichiro Mizoguchi. "The Counting Problem in the Light of Role Kinds."

Loizos Michael and Antonis Kakas. "A Unified Argumentation-Based Framework for Knowledge Qualification."

Rutu Mulkar-Mehta, Jerry Hobbs and Eduard Hovy. "Applications and Discovery of Granularity Structures in Natural Language Discourse."

Peter Norvig, Keynote Address "Common Sense is Common; Making Sense is Uncommon" Abstract and Slides

Simon Parsons, Elizabeth Sklar and Peter McBurney. "A simple logical approach to reasoning with and about trust."

Donald Perlis. "Robotson Crusoe -- or -- What Is Common Sense?"

Melissa Roemmele, Cosmin Bejan and Andrew Gordon. "Choice of Plausible Alternatives: An Evaluation of Commonsense Causal Reasoning".

Stuart Shapiro. "The Jobs Puzzle: A Challenge for Logical Expressibility and Automated Reasoning."

Tran Cao Son, Enrico Pontelli and Chiaki Sakama. "Formalizing Commitments Using Action Languages."

Richmond Thomason. "Practical Reasoning: An Opinionated Survey."

Kun Tu, Megan Olsen and Hava Siegelmann. "CIM for Improved Language Understanding."


Thanks to AAAI and the AAAI Spring Symposium committee for their support. Funding for student travel and registration has been generously provided by Artificial Intelligence Journal.

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