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ETAI Reasoning about Actions and Change

Discussions of articles presented at the workshop

Formalization of Commonsense Reasoning 1998


London, England, January 7-9, 1998

This web structure contains discussions about the papers that were presented at the FCS-98 workshop. Clicking the date in the rightmost column connects to the article's discussion page. Explanations for the exact meaning of the other table items are obtained by clicking the table's header line.

Initially, the pages contain a (partial) summary of what was said in the discussions at the workshop itself. Authors were given a chance to revise the discussion summary before it went on-line. Then, starting February 1, additional contributions to the discussion are invited both from workshop participants and from everyone else.

Page   Author/ Title /Bibcode Full paper Latest msg
1  Grigoris Antoniou, D. Billington, and M.J. Mahler
Sceptical logic programming based default reasoning - Defeasible logic rehabilitated.
[ 2.2 ]
20  Yves Moinard and Raymond Rolland
Circumscriptions from what they cannot do (preliminary report).
[ 27.1 ]
42  Peter Grünwald
Ramifications and sufficient causes.
[ 27.2 ]
56  Eyal Amir
Point-Sensitive Circumscription.
[ 8.3 ]
75  Fausto Giunchiglia and Chiara Ghidini
Local Model Semantics, or Contextual Reasoning = Locality + Compatibility.
[ 9.1 ]
87  François Lévy and J. Joachim Quantz
Representing Beliefs in a Situated Event Calculus.
[ 7.1 ]
99  Graham White
Balls and Strings: Simulations and Theories.
[ 9.1 ]
114  Gianni Amati and Fiora Pirri
Contexts as relativized definitions: a formalization via fixed points.
[ 9.1 ]
126  Emilio Remolina and Benjamin Kuipers
Towards a formalization of the Spatial Semantic Hierarchy.
[ 9.1 ]
138  Philippe Balbiani and Luis Fariñas del Cerro
A relational model of movement.
[ 9.1 ]
146  Sven Ove Hansson and Renata Wasserman
Local Change: A preliminary report.
[ 9.1 ]
166  Frans Voorbraak
A Nonmonotonic Observation Logic.
[ 8.1 ]
183  Brian Knight, Taoxin Peng, and Jixin Ma
Reasoning about Change over Time: Actions, Events, and their Effects.
[ 26.1 ]
198  John McCarthy
Elaboration tolerance.
[ 8.1 ]
217  Enrico Giunchiglia and Vladimir Lifschitz
An Action Language Based on Causal Explanation: Preliminary Report.
[ 5.2 ]
239  Michael Thielscher
Steady Versus Stabilizing State Constraints.
[ 28.1 ]
249  Tom Costello
Minimizing the Effects of Actions.
[ 7.1 ]
263  Tom Costello and Anna Patterson
Quantifiers and Operations on Modalities and Contexts.
[ 8.1 ]
277  Giuseppe De Giacomo, Ray Reiter, and Mikhail Soutchanski
Execution Monitoring of High-Level Robot Programs.
[ 9.1 ]
298  Simon Parsons, Carles Sierra, and Nick R. Jennings
Multi-context argumentative agents.
[ 8.1 ]
319  John Bell and Zhisheng Huang
Seeing is Believing.
[ 13.1 ]
330  John Bell
Chronological Minimization and Explanation.
[ 7.1 ]
349  Javier Pinto
Causality in Theories of Action.
[ 29.1 ]