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Commonsense Reasoning ~ Proceedings

Author Information for Accepted Papers

AAAI will be producing a technical report of all of the papers in Commonsense 2015, distributing it in electronic format to symposium attendees, and placing the contents in the AAAI Digital Library.

The deadline for submission of your final camera-ready copy and all source files for your accepted paper, along with a signed distribution license, is Monday, January 19, 2015 at 5:00 PM PST (California time) (please start your submission at least two hours ahead of this deadline). The server is based in San Francisco, California USA. Papers submitted after the deadline will not be processed.


You will be required to create an account (or add SSS-15 as one of your conferences) at the submission site in advance of submitting your paper files. Instructions on creating an account can be found here.

Please read them carefully. The URL for registering if you have never submitted a paper to AAAI Press before is here.

The URL for registering if you are an existing AAAI Press user is here.

Caution: Do not register unless you have read the registration instructions.

Creating your final paper

Submission of the final camera copy to AAAI using the AAAI styles and templates is mandatory for all authors. The templates, distribution license, and formatting instructions you must use to create your paper are located in the AAAI Author Kit.

The URL for the Author Kit is here.

All Authors must strictly follow the formatting instructions (for Word or LaTeX) found in this archive. Caution: Do not use an old version of this kit, as the files have changed.


The distribution license must be signed and mailed to AAAI (2275 East Bayshore Road, Suite 160, Palo Alto, CA 94303 USA).

Only the primary author of the paper needs to sign the document. If the original form will not reach the AAAI office by the deadline, please fax or email a copy to +1-650-321-4457 or The original must still be submitted by postal mail.


Basic formatting instructions can be found here.

Caution: Do not format your paper unless you have read the formatting instructions for authors, which can be found in the AAAI Author Kit. Papers that don't comply cannot be published.


The list of items to include in your compressed archive is located here.


A list of common errors that can cause your paper to be excluded from the proceedings can be found here.


A list of common errors that can cause your paper to be excluded from the proceedings can be found here.


Instructions on submitting your files can be found here.

We strongly suggest you read them carefully, because failure to follow those instructions will result in rejection of your paper at worst, or late fees at best.

The url for submitting your paper is here.


If you must make changes to your paper after submission, follow the instructions here.

Please note that all revisions made after the deadline will incur fees.

For questions or comments about please email

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