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Discussion questions on common sense

John McCarthy

What is included in common sense knowledge and reasoning?

Is it the knowledge of physical and social phenomena that permits deciding on a course of action that is likely to succeed in a class

Is common sense fundamentally a human phenomenon that we simulate with programs.

Are implementation methods part of common sense itself?

What's the next drosophila?t

What have we learned from egg cracking? Are the solutions unsatisfactory? Why?

What are the next steps in the theory of action and events, e.g. situation calculus or event calculus.?

Should computers require millions of times as much computation to solve common sense problems as a person does?

Is resolution harmful - on account of losing the structure of formulas?

What are the limitations of the Causal Calculator and similar systems? Can they show unsolvability?

Is emotion needed for common sense?

Can probability be handled as an elaboration, i.e. by adding sentences?

Is there any hope of domain dependent control of reasoning?

Does the symposium have right title?