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Clicking this item leads to the discussion about the article in question. The date indicates the latest day that a new contribution has come in. This facilitates checking where the action has been since your previous visit. The year is 1998 unless otherwise specified.

Dates 7.1, 8.1, and 9.1 mean that we only have the notes from the workshop discussions. Dates between 10.1 and 31.1 mean that some of the participants in the discussion returned revised statements after the workshop but before this structure went online. Dates from 1.2 and onwards indicate contributions to the discussion after the structure went online.

The same applies for the datestamps within the discussion page for the respective articles. Please note in this case that the date refers to the (latest) time that the wording was revised, and not to the date when it was first said. Therefore, it is quite possible to have a question/answer sequence where the datestamp of an answer is later than the datestamp of the subsequent followup question.