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Simon Parsons, Carles Sierra, and Nick R. Jennings

Multi-context argumentative agents.

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Overview of interactions

N:o Question Answer(s) Continued discussion
1 8.1  Tom Costello
8.1  Speaker
8.1  Tom Costello
2 8.1  Erik Sandewall
8.1  Speaker
3 8.1  Pat Hayes
8.1  Speaker

Q1. Tom Costello:

Do you have any formal results on whether or when your system is consistent?

A1. Speaker:

The beliefs of different agents do not have to be consistent.

C1-1. Tom Costello:

That was not my point; the point was whether the overall system which characterizes and reasons about all the agents is consistent. Consistency is an absolutely essential property of such systems; without it they are useless.

(Answer not recorded).

Q2. Erik Sandewall:

Does the account of the inference performed by each of the agents allow any nonmonotonicity, as required e.g. for prediction, or for default beliefs?

A2. Speaker:

Prediction: not yet. Default beliefs are obtained by context transfer.

Q3. Pat Hayes:

Can the agent believe  p ^ B¬ p  ?

A3. Speaker:

In the present system, it does not notice that problem.

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