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Emilio Remolina and Benjamin Kuipers

Towards a formalization of the Spatial Semantic Hierarchy.

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Overview of interactions

N:o Question Answer(s) Continued discussion
1 9.1  Murray Shanahan
9.1  Emilio Remolina
2 9.1  Erik Sandewall
9.1  Emilio Remolina

Q1. Murray Shanahan:

A general account of space should deal with both large-scale and small-scale shapes in an integrated fashion. Is your system really able to do that? Your use of the term "T-shape" suggests that the difficulty of maintaining a strict difference between these.

A1. Emilio Remolina:

This is an open problem.

Q2. Erik Sandewall:

How would it change your problem or its solution if the robot were to have a position sensor that is able to indicate its position with the full accuracy that is needed for distinguishing between several places that look similar, such as several corridor crossings? Current GPS technology would be able to provide this.

A2. Emilio Remolina:

This would facilitate a lot, but our problem would basically remain the same.

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